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Are you ready to build you outdoor kitchen?  Not sure where to start?  Let Lakes Region Luxury Outdoor help you through the process!  We specialize in outdoor kitchens that are made to no only be beautiful, but also stand up in the New Hampshire climate!


The first step is to get an idea as to what the customer is looking for.  The staff at Lakes Region have over 25 year combined experience in the outdoor industry.  We are able to not only help in the design phase, but also to recommend products and alternatives that will give you the features and functionality you are looking for.

As we move along through the journey, you may find that additional space or customizations are needed in your project.  Lakes Region can make these changes on the fly.  Whether you are looking to add additional counter space or you just want something a little different, LRLO will work with you to make your outdoor living space all that you hoped it would be!


At this point, our frames are custom built using a mixture of 1"x1" and 1"x2" aluminum stock.  Why Aluminum?  Unlike timber frame islands, ours will never rot.  Unlike steel frame islands, ours will never rust. And unlike block built islands, two people can carry the frame on site and into position without the need of heavy machinery.  Further more, our island frames can be delivered in 4-6 weeks, instead of 4-6 half the cost!

Once your framing is built, we will now deliver directly to your site.  This site must be level and have some type of solid base.  The overall weight of the island and appliance (not to mention veneer if you go that road) will be to much for soft ground.  We recommend a patio, poured concrete, crushed store, of solid decking.


Finally, we're heading into the home stretch!  When it comes to finishes, we sell our frames to both the DIY customer or if you'd like we can do your siding as well.  Wood paneling, Stucco,'s your call.  You will just need to arrange a company for your countertop.

Ready-To-Finish Islands

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